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I Know I Can

Have you ever had the opportunity to help someone in need? Possibly a friend whose car broke down and a ride to the grocery store was requested? Or possibly a loved one who was sick and you are the logical caregiver? Maybe an elderly neighbor needs their grass mowed, bushes trimmed or leaves raked. Have you ever been challenged to help someone who didn’t, in your opinion, deserve your assistance or gift of service? There it is, that word “service” that meets our human emotions with a slap in the face. Someone once said, “Ministry is never convenient.” How many times have you been summoned to help and it’s NOT convenient for you? And do we really look at these opportunities as “ministry”, or do we internally scream and look for ways to run from the untimely and annoying, ignoring the obvious in hopes it will go away. Surely someone else will do it and my conscience is spared by excuse.

Don’t be too hard on yourself as your chew on these pointed questions. We know there is only one real example for which we can find perspective to the definition of a servant, and that is Jesus. He was always in a teaching mode with parables and stories that had a boomerang effect right to the heart. His life by example and the truth in His words shape our response to these unplanned interruptions. We come face to face with the “Me” syndrome and lean into “Him” for grace. (I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strengthen. Philippians 4:13)

The reality is refreshing – the Kingdom of God is reflected to others as I allow the only true servant to dictate my reactions. I find myself repeating a familiar line with a slight variation, “I know I can”, I know I can”, because “I know I can” in Christ who gives me strength.

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