world in handSprings of Life will be an exciting fellowship of believers reaching out to the un-churched and the over-churched people of our city with the love and grace of Jesus. Our young people will grow up knowing and experiencing God in a personal way that will mature and assure them of His presence through all situations. Our contemporary worship will lead us into an intimate relationship with the Lord. We will use current technology to enhance our worship experience and seek to be led always by the Holy Spirit.




FELLOWSHIP that is fun, enjoyable and develops relationships that create trust and care beyond the Sunday experience.

BENEVOLENT Service for those in the church and beyond, including Missions around the World. We will care, give and go.

INTEGRITY in our actions, finances and consistent lives in the community.

NEXT GENERATION Training and equipping them for a life of faith in Christ.

WORSHIP is our response to a Holy and Loving God, expressed through the praises and of His people, transforming their lives surrendered to His will. God responds to and honors true worshippers with His presence, pleasure and joy.

EVANGELISM Intentionally communicating the message of the good news of Jesus Christ, in relevant ways, to our community and to others around the world.

THE BIBLE is the focus in our maturing and the central leading influence in all we do.

HOLY SPIRIT-led through prayer into the future with power and authenticity.