The Hospitality Team helps create warm and welcoming environments in our church facility for our guests and church family during special bridge events and church-wide meals.  Our Hospitality Team helps in the preparations of meals, table settings and church decorations.  They also serve our church family by providing meals to members during time of recovery from illness or child-birth.  If you like to serve in a practical way, the Hospitality Team is a place for you.


Hospitality Mission Statement

The Hospitality Team is here to care and serve in our Father’s House and our community. This team functions in planning, preparing, and serving at Church events/meals, outreach events, and special meetings or celebrations. The hospitality team reaches out to His family and guests by making them feel welcomed and loved in their times of need, sorrow, and joy. They provide a special touch that makes people feel the specialness God feels about them.


Hospitality Vision

  • Help plan and serve at church events.
  • Provide meals for the ill, for families with loved ones in the hospital, and for growing families.
  • Serve families in their time of grief by providing/serving food and cleanup for their reception after a funeral. We want to assist the families in any way needed.
  • To be a help to the bride and groom on the days of their rehearsal and wedding, guiding the party to the locations in the building that they will be using, serving them with love.
  • Reach out to families who are not able to make it to church due to long-term illness or age. To let them know that we as a church care for them and love them.