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Relationships by Design – Part 6

What a Woman Wants



Genesis 32:24, 26

Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day??. But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!


Proverbs 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,

But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.


Proverbs 28:22

He who finds a wife finds a good thing,

And obtains favor from the Lord


1 Peter 3:7

Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding?










James 1:19

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath


1 Samuel 2:2-4

Talk no more so very proudly;

Let no arrogance come from your mouth,

For the Lord is the God of knowledge;

And by Him actions are weighed.


Ephesians 5:33

Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.



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